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16 Hour Hazwoper Training Courses


HAZWOPER substantially improves employee hazard understanding at the worksite while empowering an operations level of response competency for employees exposed to any chemical hazards. The course offered by HAZ-MATTERS has roots in the United States model of 29CFR 1910.120 (e) & (q) for contaminated waste site management, safety practices and emergency response, but our course has been thoroughly amended and enhanced to reflect universal and globally recognized 'BestPractice' techniques and principles.

Our course is unlike all the other qeneral HAZWOPER courses out there - we know that most of our students are qettinq into much more precarious and unknown situations than the general site worker that traditional HAZWOPER courses apply to so we provide knowledge to suit that caliber of employee.that goes far beyond a general employee awareness.

The result is that we provide a 2-day course with clearly defined methods and protocols used by HazMat Specialists internationally to ensure that
personnel operate in the safest possible manner in environments that include:

So we focus on:   

  • What Hazardous Materials are, how we need to classify them, what we need to think about in order to approach them, and how to evaluate and simply understand their toxicological effects,   
  • How they get into our bodies (routes of exposure), how we protect ourselves at all times from this, and how we use that information to come up with a plan,   
  • The four (4) levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) and how we decide what to use,   
  • How to evaluate the possibility of a fire hazard and what the Upper and Lower Explosion Limits are as well as some clear fire chemistry concepts,   
  • How to confidently determine and acknowledge what our own levels of competency are,   
  • Clearly learning the essentials for a NFPA 472 HazMat T tchnician through testing, identification, and the true understanding of chemical behaviour   

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