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Applied SPC and MSA for Practitioners Classroom Training



Improve your understanding of the integration of statistical process control (SPC) and measurement systems analysis (MSA) into IATF 16949 and discover how to develop a higher quality process control system by selecting and applying the appropriate statistical tools. Through a combination of instructor-led training and team exercises, you learn how SPC and MSA can be applied to a manufacturing environment. The goal is to illustrate how these techniques can be incorporated into a system to provide for not only process improvement, but also product improvement. Important: The course requires you to come with a laptop loaded with Excel®. It is also recommended that you download the following demos: QI Macros and Minitab (latest version) before arriving to the class.

Must have a working knowledge of SPC and MSA or have completed Understanding and Implementing MSA and SPC training plus have a working knowledge of Excel®.

NOTE: Attendance to the entire course is required to receive a Certificate of Attendance with CEUs.

  • Improve the performance of your quality management system by practicing the basics of SPC, how SPC and MSA are interrelated, and the fundamental tools/techniques for both SPC and MSA.
  • Develop and execute plans to implement SPC and MSA, including which tools/techniques are applicable for differing circumstances.
  • Calculate and interpret following the steps in the SPC and MSA manuals.
  • Compare and contrast Prevention versus Detection
  • Identify Common and Special Causes of Variation
  • Utilize X-bar and R Charts: Construction, Setting Limits, Analysis, Process Control, Individual and Moving Range Charts: Construction, Setting Limits, Analysis, Process Control
  • Interpret Process Capability: Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk, Analysis
  • Read Attribute Charts: Proportion Nonconforming (p) Charts and Nonconformities (c) Charts; Construction, Setting Limits, Analysis, Process Control
  • Enable Process Stability
  • Define Measurement Systems and the Measurement Process
  • Interpret Measurement Studies for Stability, Bias, and Linearity with Examples
  • Interpret Measurement Studies for Repeatability and Reproducibility with Examples
  • Identify Measurement Uncertainty
  • Interpret Measurement Studies for Attributes with Examples
  • Relate SPC and MSA to ISO 9001:2008 and IATF 16949:2009

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