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Classroom 24 Hour OSHA Hazmat Technician Training Courses



Hazardous Materials Technicians are trained to respond to hazardous materials emergencies in an offensive fashion. Their primary role is to stop or control a spill or release by approaching the point of the release using specialized personal protective equipment (PPE). Hazmat Technicians are typically members of Hazmat Teams, often referred to as Spill Response Teams, or Emergency Response Teams, when they respond to chemical spills. OSHA requires Hazardous Materials Technicians to be trained in accordance with section (q) of the HAZWOPER regulation. This training is also referred to as Hazmat Tech, Level III Responder, Industry Tech, or any combination of these terms. This training requires annual refresher training, per OSHA, of sufficient content and duration to maintain responder competencies.

 Who Should Take This Training

This course is intended for firefighters, government employees, military personnel, and private industry emergency responders who are members or becoming members of hazardous materials response teams.

 How Long Is This Training?

This training will take a minimum of 24 hours to complete. Our standard 3-day delivery format is three consecutive 8-hour days. Other options are available for client-hosted classes.

 How Else Can I Take This Course?

Currently, Safety Unlimited's instructors are only authorized for classroom delivery of this training. Classroom training is offered both through open enrollment or by employers hosting their own on-site training.

This classroom training is offered as open enrollment at our training facility or as on-site training hosted by the employer. You can request a quote to have on-site training conducted at your location.

The 24 hour OSHA version of this training has not been approved for online course delivery.

 Is This Course Certified?

Each participant who successfully completes this course is issued a Fed-OSHA certificate from Safety Unlimited, Inc. in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120(q). This course also complies with the training requirements for First Responders Operations under State OSHA, and NFPA 472. A downloadable certificate will be available within 24 hours of completion.

The OSHA 24 Hour Hazardous Materials Technician Training classroom course will cover the following topics:

  • Regulatory Overview
  • Emergency Response Planning and Incident Command System
  • Site Control and Accepted Safety Practices
  • Medical Surveillance Program
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment and Reference Source Exercise
  • Respiratory Protection (Lecture, Demonstration, and Practice)
  • Hazardous Materials Confined Space Considerations
  • Rescue Considerations
  • Chemical Protective Clothing (Lecture, Demonstration, and Practice)
  • Monitoring/Detecting Equipment (Lecture, Demonstration, and Practice)
  • Decontamination (Lecture, Demonstration, and Practice)
  • Site Safety Plans (Lecture, Demonstration, and Practice)
  • Hazardous Materials Offensive and Defensive Control Options
  • Incident Termination
  • Functional Exercise
  • Final Exam/Course Evaluation

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