The International Erosion Control Association (IECA)

Contractor Compliance with Stormwater Regulations



The goal of this workshop will be to provide both project managers and site supervisors of construction companies with training on the NPDES regulations. The workshop will focus on the contractor perspective and what they need to know to stay in compliance with the regulations. Focus will be concentrated on maintaining the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), inspection requirements and evaluating best management practices (BMP). We will spend time looking at the strengths and limitations of BMPs for effectiveness and maintenance needs and to give the contractor some insight in evaluating the appropriateness of specific BMPs on plans.

Education Track: Erosion and Sediment Control
Course Length: Full Day
Credit: 7 Professional Development Hours
Technical Level: Tailored to Audience

Randall Shuey has over 25 years experience working with contractors on projects. Projects have ranged from environmentally sensitive coastal projects to large scale projects. His work includes working with the design team, developing SWPPPs and construction strategies and working with contractors to meet both construction and environmental permit goals. Besides being a CPESC and CESSWI, he is a soil scientist and wetland . Mr. Shuey has served as the president of the Northeast Chapter IECA and is a past member of both the CPESC and CESSWI Councils.

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