Global HazMat Inc.

Global HazMat Inc.

Custom Training

Global offers onsite customized training for all programs that are outlined in this section. Our customized programs include an initial qualification process that enables our instructor(s) to develop and conduct training that focuses on the exact needs of the workers, company, and the worksite. The qualification process includes a questionnaire that the company must complete prior to training. The questionnaire includes the types of products, hazards, or waste(s) onsite, training requirements, compliance issues, and any additional concerns and questions. We evaluate all aspects that relate to the course that the company has requested.

The qualification may be onsite if requested by the customer. In most cases we would prefer to conduct this a few days to a few weeks in advance however, we are equipped to provide this the day before the training.

Our goal is to provide the most effective user friendly training that employees are able to understand and utilize to protect themselves, other workers, and the overall public.

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