Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre

Customised Training


In addition to our scheduled training, AMOSC can provide customised training for our member companies. Training tailored specifically to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations, personnel and company Oil Pollution Emergency Plan(s).

We will work closely with you to create a customised course that will meet your companies needs and objectives. Your course will focus specifically on the Australian Regulatory framework, operating environment and currency in oil spill response.

The following courses can be tailored for member companies;

  • Course in Oil Spill Response Operations (IMO I)
  • Course in Oil Spill Response Management (IMO II)
  • Course in Oil Spill Response Command and Control (IMO III)
  • Aerial Observation
  • Shoreline Assessment
  • ICS 300

Benefits in customised training;

  • Delivered in your facility, at a date to suit you
  • Enhance response role familiarity and team performance by training together
  • Greater familiarity with company resources and material

AMOSC is ready to support any company requiring individual training throughout the year. Companies are encouraged to approach AMOSC seeking customised training.

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