Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre

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Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre Training

  • AMOSC Training

    AMOSC Training

    AMOSC provides training for more than 300 people each year. Training workshops offered include: OIL SPILL MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW for people who require an understanding of oil spill response arrangements;  OIL SPILL RESPONSE for people directly involved in the management of an oil spill response;  OIL SPILL OPERATORS for people who directly supervise and participate in response operations.  SHORELINE CLEANUP, for people who manage shoreline...

  • Tailored Training

    Tailored Training

    In addition to exercising, AMOSC considers tailored training based extensively on a company OPEP to be equally critical in furthering response preparedness.  AMOSC can provide tailored training specifically to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of individual companies’ operations, personnel and OPEP’s. In tailoring a training program for a company, AMOSC incorporates the Regulatory environment, operating environment and...

  • Accredited Training

    Accredited Training

    AMOSC provides internationally accredited oil spill response courses (through the Nautical Institute) at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) levels I, II & III. The courses include competence based assessments consistent with national training standards. The interactive elements of the courses are designed to give companies and participants confidence in their ability to perform the tasks and duties required.Uniquely, AMOSC conducts...

  • Customised Training

    Customised Training

    In addition to our scheduled training, AMOSC can provide customised training for our member companies. Training tailored specifically to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations, personnel and company Oil Pollution Emergency Plan(s).