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Datamatrix Certified Customer Care Excellence Program


As new innovations in the service industry emerge, individuals and organizations find ways to keep pace with the challenges. The Datamatix Certified Customer Care Excellence Program aims to reinforce the knowledge and skills of every professional who is dealing with customers- from the top-level management to the front line staff. This program applies holistic approaches, which explicitly identify and define areas where improvement has to take place. One of the fields which will be highlighted under this program is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, which fosters a greater sense of customer accountability trending towards sustainable organizational growth and profitability.

  • Customer Care Managers and Supervisors
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Senior Sales and Customer Service Staff

  • Recognize the Role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an essential factor for attracting, retaining and expanding loyal customer base
  • Underline the benefits and objectives of a CRM system
  • Identify latest strategies and best practices in implementing a CRM system
  • Employ CRM best practices and strategies to enhance marketing, sales, customer service, and customer interaction

  • The Datamatix Certified Customer Care Excellence Program can be earned professionals who are in the field of customer care
  • There are two courses under this program. You may opt to choose only one course depending on the field you want to focus on. It is highly recommended that you the two courses in order for you to become multi-skilled thus elevate your chances to get a better position in the industry.
  • After finishing any of the two courses, you will be entitled to achieve the Datamatix Certified Customer Care Excellence Professional (DCCCEP) which may be used on business cards and resumes. Records are archived with Datamatix centralized database and are available for verification upon request.

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