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DEMO - 40-Hour OSHA HAZWOPER-Online Training



HAZWOPER or Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response is at the intersection of three Federal regulatory agencies EPA, OSHA, DOT and includes several career fields  like science, technology, engineering, medicine, toxicology, law, psychology, organizational management, loss prevention, QA/QC, construction and waste management.

The DEMO 40-Hour Hazwoper Online Course meets the Suggested AND Mandated OSHA requirements for training of personnel engaged in hazardous waste operations as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.120, including removal or handling of underground tanks and/or piping, contaminated soil and/or groundwater, subsurface investigations, construction work in which hazardous materials may potentially be present, encountered, prepared, packaged, labeled, marked, stored, shipped for disposal, or any facility wherein hazardous wastes are treated, stored, or disposed.

The DEMO 40-Hour HAZWOPER Online allows students to proceed at their own pace to complete this intensive, interactive, on-line training program. Unlike traditional training seminars, the online 40-Hour DEMO can be completed anywhere an internet connection and computer are available. Now your 40-hour HAZWOPER OSHA course finally fits your schedule! Turn your employees 'un-billable, down-time''into productive online training time.....ANY TIME.


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