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Compliance Solutions

Compliance Solutions, the nation`s largest privately held H&S training company offers Web-Based (WBT) and Instructor-Led (ILT) training courses for clients in the U.S. and abroad. Our library of 70 hazmat and occupational health & safety courses is being constantly expanded to meet our clients diverse needs. Our proprietary learning management system (LMS) allows tracking of employee performance with a click of a button. Monthly, we hold open-enrollment training classes in 60 U.S. cities and provide onsite training for groups of 6 or more anywhere in the world. Since 1995, Companies from 1 to 100,0000 have trusted Compliance Solutions to meet their OSHA, EPA and DOT regulatory training needs and keep their employees safe. We invite you join the Compliance family!

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3980 Quebec Street- 2nd Floor , Denver , CO 80207-1633 USA
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Business Type:
Training provider
Industry Type:
Health and Safety Regulations and Compliance
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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Compliance Solutions designs, develops and conducts Web-Based Training (WBT) and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses for our clients in the United States and abroad. Currently, we offer a library of over 60 courses with a specialized focus on the occupational health & safety and remediation markets. Our course library is constantly being expanded giving clients the option to custom program their own content and/or learning management systems and track employee performance with a click of a button.

Compliance Solutions offers proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) solutions, implemented to a blue chip client base. Since its first commercial release in 1997, Compliance Solutions is proud to have the distinction of being one of the very first training firms of it’s kind . We offer our clients a full range of training choices including Web-Based, Instructor Led and “Blended” learning environments. This last option combines the convenience of Web Based Training with superior Instructor Led instruction which increases student retention and lowers overall expenditures. This approach solidifies key training concepts and at the same time retains the benefits of Instructor-Led training with complete practical tests and scenarios delivered to student populations. The end result is a custom delivered, high impact yet low cost solution to traditional training technologies. Our advanced LMS allows us to provide turnkey corporate e-Learning solutions that include custom course and content strategies tailored to your business objectives.

Compliance Solutions conducts Instructor Led training courses in over 60 cities throughout the U.S. Our emphasis on offering predictable, consistent schedules and training that remains within the reach of ANY company, regardless of size has made us the largest private provider in the nation. We have built a large following among clients who require just-in time training in the areas of regulatory compliance. Our most popular courses in this space include, HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response), Confined Space Entry, DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation, Emergency Response, EPA Hazardous Waste Management, and OSHA Site Supervisor to name just a few.


Compliance Solutions was born on December 15, 1995 in Denver, Colorado, even though the idea for the company was conceived many years prior. The company’s two founders, Jeff Kline and Neval Gupta, launched Compliance Solutions with the sincere belief that something had to be done to lower the cost of environmental training while providing a product that protects employees AND meets their regulatory burden. At that time, the average cost for a 40-Hour HAZWOPER course was in excess of $895 per student. “We knew we could provide our clients with superior customer service and training at an affordable price” recalls Mr. Gupta.

Compliance Solutions made it’s debut in the environmental arena with one instructor teaching classes in four cities (Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, and Oakland). Since then, Compliance has grown to be the largest private training company in the environmental industry with more than 15,000 students attending their classes each year. Mandated OSHA, EPA, and DOT instructor-led training is offered in more than 60 U.S. cities (12 cities weekly) with more than 30 instructors located strategically throughout the country. That is a HUGE jump from where they started in 1995!

In 1998, while focusing on customer service, Compliance Solutions introduced what clients have described as the highest quality on-line training in the environmental industry. “I remember back then, companies said they offered “online hazmat training” says Jeff Kline. After we bought their course and looked at it, it was clear that their definition of “hazmat training” was MUCH different from ours.” He continued,
“Really, it was not much better than a glorified PowerPoint presentation. We knew we could do MUCH better and so?..we did!”

Compliance Solutions’ Service Mark “putting the class back into online training” summarizes the quality of the courses offered online. With the comprehensive nature of the online content and using the “blended learning methodology, Compliance Solutions has distinguished themselves from the competition. The 40-Hour HAZWOPER online course enables the student to complete 32-hours of training at their own pace online and then attend the essential 8-hour Hands-on instructor-led course. Compliance Solutions is the only viable national blended learning provider in the environmental industry. With established training facilities and instructors all over the country, students have an opportunity to don and doff personal protective equipment, demonstrate what they have learned online through interactive problem-solving exercises, and share their experiences with fellow students. It is very easy to see why Compliance Solutions maintains a solid lead and why their training is far superior to the “glorified
PowerPoint” of old.

With their customer base expanding every day (Compliance Solutions currently services more than 17,000 active clients in the U.S. alone), clearly the original philosophy is WELL received. Competitors are constantly forced to re-evaluate their market and price strategies as the average cost of the 40-hour HAZWOPER drops under $600 nationwide. “We are proud to provide the VERY best value in the environmental training industry, whether it is online training, open enrollment seminars, or on-site at your facility.” says Mr. Gupta.

The family at Compliance Solutions would like to say, “Thank you” to our wonderful customers. Their insightful feedback keeps our content and courses accurate, up-to-date, and entertaining. We have enjoyed serving the environmental community since 1995 and look forward to meeting our customers hazardous materials training needs for many more years!

Compliance Solutions is now in our 15th year of business. We are proud to be known as the recognized leader in HAZWOPER training in the US. We employ cutting-edge technology to keep our products at the top of the heap. We are here to solve your regulatory compliance problems.

Superior customer service

Tired of trying to fight your way through an automated phone system just to get a question answered? At Compliance Solutions, our fantastic customer service and support team are readily available to speak with you and solve any problem that you may have. Just dial our toll free number and hit extension 1 and someone will answer the phone. We also have a 24/7 paging system for any emergencies.

Instructor-led training seminars

We offer the HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operator and Emergency Responder) courses and DOT training in 60 cities. Compliance Solutions offers open enrollment classes in 12 different cities every week. Our clients can count on the same consistent training and quality across the country. Our staff of over 30 highly quailed EH&S professionals have a combined experience level of over 350 years. These Instructors are based in 25 cites across the US to provide timely response to our clients needs.

Onsite training at your facility

Compliance Solutions will come to you. If you have a group of 6 or more students we can send you a quote to conduct your training at your facility and save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in travel costs. When we set up an onsite class, we tailor the training to address your specific environmental needs. Please view the list of courses that we provide onsite.

Online training

Get your training where it counts. Compliance Solutions introduced the highest quality online (web-based) training to the industry in 1998. At the time, the industry was flooded with companies that were providing glorified power point presentations that gave a black eye to distance learning. Since that time, many of the largest remediation companies in the US now choose Compliance Solutions as their sole online training provider because of the quality, ease of use, course content and unique features built into our courses. Since we have the ability to provide hands-on training in 60 cities at your location, Compliance Solutions is the only viable company that can provide legitimate online 40 Hour HAZWOPER training nationwide. Try one of our free demo courses and you will see why Compliance Solutions is so widely respected. You can count on your certification to be valid, and to meet the standards of OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations.

Customized course development

Compliance Solutions can take any document and quickly turn it into an online course. For example, if you have a new employee orientation handbook, we could turn that into an online course. We can write and develop new courses from scratch. If you have an industry or company specific manual, we can turn it into an online course and setup a seamless website for your employees to access.

Development of written programs

Since we have such a diverse background with our 30 EH&S professionals, this enables us to write company specific programs. Call us to discuss Compliance Solution’s option of writing your respiratory protection or emergency response plan.

Online medical clearances

Tired of sending your employees to an Occupational Medicine Doctor’s office and having them gone for the better part of the day? Compliance Solutions now offers this same service online for under $50 per clearance. Your employees can fill out the exact same questionnaire that they fill out there, but do it online. Once this is done, our Occupational Physician reviews the documents and issues the medical clearance within 24 hours. If the he/she feels that the employee has issues which need to be addressed the employee will be contacted directly.