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Ethics for the OH&S Professiona Course

This course focuses on understanding how professional codes of ethics can be used in identifying, analyzing and resolving ethical dilemmas encountered by OH&S Professionals. It specifically focuses on the Code of Ethics established by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) for guiding the practice of Certified Industrial Hygienists. This is an on-demand web-based course offered by ENLAR® Compliance Services in partnership with AIHA®The course uses audio lessons, downloadable handouts and online quizzes.  The course materials will only be provided online. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:
    • Develop an understanding of how the various Codes of Ethics apply to industrial hygiene practice

    • Explain how the ABIH Code of Ethics requirements relate to ethical decision-making

    • Explore how to utilize various commonly-accepted approaches for resolving ethical issues

    • Practice assessing case study scenarios using the various resolution approaches discussed in the course materials

  • Demonstrate what steps can be taken to avoid future ethical dilemmas

Course Outline

    • Lesson 1 – Understanding Professional Codes of Ethics

    • Lesson 2 – Common Approaches to Resolving Ethical Issues

    • Lesson 3 – Ethical Principles Related to  Competency

    • Lesson 4 – Ethical Principles Related to Truthfulness & Confidentiality

    • Lesson 5 – Ethical Principles Related to Independence & Conflict of Interest

  • Lesson 6 – Ethical Principles Related to Loyalty & Public Protection

The course also provides an opportunity to assess one or more case studies that set out ethical dilemmas similar to those that have been encountered by other OH&S professionals. Once a case study has been completed, students will have an opportunity to exchange their views with others taking the course and compare their analysis of the case study to that of others.

Course Completion

You will have up to 90 days from your purchase date to complete the course. After reviewing the Lessons, you will need to complete the quizzes and complete an online written assessment of at least one of the course case studies.

Course Author

Thea Dunmire is an attorney, certified industrial hygienist and certified safety professional. She has been active in AIHA for over 25 years and is an AIHA Fellow. She was a member of the original Code of Ethics Taskforce (1993-1994). 

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