Quantum Murray LP (QMLP)

Quantum Murray LP (QMLP)

Facility and ER Plan Testing


Scope of Training: Table top scenarios, Mock scenarios (small – city wide), Evacuation / ERP specific testing.

The work to be performed by Quantum Murray LP will take the following approach:

All procedures will be reviewed to ensure that the plan meets the client's requirements and complies with NFPA and other standards applicable to the client's facility. Professional emergency service personnel will audit the program, to ensure compliance, and offer suggestions to ensure that the program meets the highest standards.

Timeline Estimates

  • Time for emergency plan review: 2 Hours
  • Time for drill and debriefing each shift, 3 x 2 hours = 6 Hours
  • Time for report production: 2 Hours

Timeline Goals

  • Time for project completion: 10 Days

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