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Fastening Optical Elements with Adhesives (SC015)

Optomechanical systems require secure mounting of optical elements. Adhesives are commonly used, but rarely addressed in the literature. This course has compiled an overview of these adhesives, their properties, and how to test them. How to use them is addressed in detail with guidelines and examples provided. A summary of common adhesives is presented with justification for their use. Consideration and analysis of adhesive strength, reliability, and stability are included. Different design approaches to optimize the application are presented and discussed. Many examples are described as well as lessons learned from past experience. Discussions are encouraged to address current problems of course attendees.

This course will enable you to:

  • describe and classify adhesives and how they work (epoxy, urethane, silicone, acrylic, RTV, VU-cure, etc.)
  • obtain guidance in: adhesive selection, surface preparation, application, and curing
  • develop a basis for analysis of stress and thermal effects
  • recognize contamination/outgassing and how to avoid it
  • review design options
  • create and use an adhesive check list

This course is for engineers, managers, and technicians. This course provides a foundation for the correct design for successful optical mounting; an understanding of the best options to employ for each application, and the selection and approach conducive to production. A bound course outline (that is a good reference text) is provided, including summaries of popular adhesives and their properties.

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