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Fire Extinguisher Training



Fire safety is more than knowing how to pull the alarm and evacuate a building. Fire safety includes reviewing fire prevention practices to avoid fire and reassessing the fire safety plan in the event of a fire. Safety Advantage offers Fire Extinguisher training, which will be taught by Authorized Trainers. We use portable fire simulators to teach students and employees how to properly assess fire hazards and extinguish them without ever lighting a real fire. Using classroom multimedia training tools, they learn the basic elements and classes of fire, how to evaluate and safely approach fires and how to effectively extinguish or escape – using state-of-the-art fire simulation software.

Volatile and sometimes unpredictable, fire is a force of nature. It also changes based on the environment in which it ignites. As such, the training fires are totally customizable. Flameware can control the properties of any and every type of fire including fuel flammability, reflash speed, fire size, agent effectivness, sound and even location – without the hassles and safety risks of lighting real fires in training sessions.

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