Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization (MICRO)

Flir CX Basics Course



This course will introduce you to the operation of the FLIR Cx infrared camera, including the C2 and C3. This course is a self paced on-demand web course, you can start as soon as you enroll and you can stop and continue where you left off at any time.  FREE Course. This course does not teach Thermography, image interpretation, or how to accurately measure temperatures.  A Thermography course is highly recommended for a complete understanding.

  • Get Expert tips on IR camera operation and report generation
  • Explore the user interface buttons and menus
  • Learn how to operate the camera using a web based simulation where you click the screen icons to access functions and adjust the image
  • Learn how to operate the standard FLIR Tools to move images from the camera, adjust and change the image, and finally produce reports

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