Transportation Management Group Inc. (TMGI)

ICAO/IATA Hazardous Material Training



This training is mandatory for those involved with the shipping of dangerous goods as mandated by the FAA.  Training is required every 2 years with initial training to be received within 90 days of employment/change in job function.  If you are unsure of who at your facility requires this training, click here for the DOT/FAA’s Definition of a Hazmat Employee.  This course meets both initial and recurrent training requirements. Mandatory training requirements as specified by IATA for those involved with the shipping of dangerous goods.

How to use the IATA DGR, definitions, units of measure, identification, classification, proper shipping names, DG List, packaging, UN specification packaging, overpacks, excepted and limited quantities, marking, labeling, documentation, State and Operator variations.   Effective January 2016, TMGI will be using the IATA DGR as reference material for ICAO/IATA courses.  The IATA DGR reference book is NOT required for training, but is recommended that each company has one copy.

Course Materials Provided:

  • Training Workbook – extensive self-contained derived from the IATA DGR
  • Exercises
  • Test
  • Training Certificate

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