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We are able to offer training on specific aspects of working safely with chemicals built around programmes that are especially tailored for you and your own working practices. Training sessions or seminars can be undertaken on your own site, or if you prefer, we can arrange a local venue to suit you. Once we understand your requirements we will be able to deliver a complete package which includes the design of the programme or course material, selecting expert speakers and trainers in addition to providing all the technical documentation and necessary support media.

These are generally taken from ESL physicists, chemists and/or engineers, however it isn't uncommon for us to arrange third party speakers from our pool of experts that are all known to us. This allows us to be more flexible in scheduling, and ensures that we are able to always deliver a trainer of high standard.

ourses can be arranged from just half-day through to a full week (5 days) depending on the needs of the programme. For example, one half-day training session for our WASPS software is usually offered as part of the initial purchase package. Such training is very informal and can be provided on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups of 3 to 5 people.

For larger, rather more formal seminars we are able to cater for up to 50 people, and we usually arrange the venue which is generally at a hotel that can provide conference facilities, accommodation, periodic refreshments and meals when needed.

For in-house training sessions we would recommend no more than about 10 attend. Experience has taught us that more than this number tends to stretch the one-to-one tuition needed in some of the hands-on workshops.

Seminars and training sessions are priced individually depending on the content, number of guest speakers, venue, and duration. For in-house training sessions we can give a block price but seminars are charged by the number of delegates.

The following only serves to give an idea of common topics covered which may be combined in any fashion, depending on the need.

1. Safety Data Sheets

  • Legal Basis
  • Interpretation
  • Accuracy
  • Quality Check


  • Legislation and Implications for You
  • Setting up a System
  • Obtaining Information
  • Selecting Control Measures
  • Maintaining Systems and Control Measures


  • Legislation (Current and Future)
  • Implications for Businesses

4. GHS and CLP

  • Legislation (Current and Future)
  • Classification and Labelling
  • Implications for Your Business


  • Background
  • Detailed Description of Function
  • Uses and Usage

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