Quantum Murray LP (QMLP)

Quantum Murray LP (QMLP)

Incident Command and Management Systems


Scope of Training: This program provides a comprehensive overview of the National Incident Management System and the manner in which it interfaces with the Incident Command System for incident management. The program focuses on the development and integration of NIMS and ICS into emergency management and response plans and contingency plans, and is suitable for corporate, business or industrial facilities. The course deals with the development of those plans and the manner in which designated fire, security and emergency response personnel function in assigned roles. Participants will also learn how to interface with emergency response agencies and organizations.

Hours of Training: 4 - 24 Hours

Course Topics

Incident Management System/ Incident Command System

  • Common terminology
  • Modular organization
  • Integrated communication plan
  • Unified command structure consolidate
  • Action plan
  • Span of control
  • Designated incident facilities
  • Personnel resources
  • Resource management
  • DECIDE process
    1. Detect if there is a hazard
    2. Estimate harm with-out intervention
    3. Choose response objectives
    4. Identify actions and options
    5. Do the best option
    6. Evaluate progress – have the actions achieved desired results?
  • Incident command structure
  • Players involved and their roles

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