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Kinship Environmental Leadership Program

Kinship is a ground-breaking environmental leadership program. Designed to serve as a mini Green MBA, our intensive, month-long program combines leadership training with business and economic tools, and fellowship in a dynamic community, while offering our fellows the opportunity to develop an independent project.

Learn to shape the future of conservation practice.

Kinship equips select career conservationists with effective tools for solving environmental problems. We know it takes more than a weekend seminar to learn to apply new approaches and skills. So we bring together an elite faculty for a month-long curriculum of presentations, discussions, case studies and field trips. We work intensively with each carefully selected cohort of Fellows to explore fresh ways to apply market-based approaches to environmental concerns.

Outcome-oriented. Conservation-specific.

Fellows can expect to come away with the following outcomes:

  • Fellows will gain a thorough understanding of factors driving economic and market issues that determine the success of conservation projects.
  • Fellows will develop a framework for a conservation project that integrates market mechanisms and viable economic analyses and solutions.
  • Fellows will bolster leadership skills in preparation for taking a stronger role in the broader community of conservation practitioners.
  • Fellows will expand their network of conservation alliances and forge important and enduring relationships within the broad community of Kinship Conservation Fellows.

Shift your perspective.

With an active fieldwork component combining market tools, collaborative planning and community-driven programs from the greater Bellingham region, Fellows have the opportunity to respond to complex conservation issues within a real-world context. Through our multi-faceted approach Fellows will explore these themes:

  • Basic Economic Tools of the Trade: What are the principal economic tools available to conservation practitioners, and what are their limitations? How does demand for natural resources or services create a price for these goods? Why do some markets fail, and what can we do to create successful business environments for environmental goods and services?
  • Oikos - Aligning Ecology with Economics: How do we delineate and measure ecosystem dynamics? How do energy and materials cycle in natural systems, and what is the correlation between energy and money? How do we work in human communities and manage biodiversity across landscapes?
  • Working with Institutions and Policies: How do we evaluate the characteristics of different kinds of property rights regimes and determine risks, assets and opportunities in conservation planning? How can we design and implement incentives such as tradable permits, carbon credits, easements, trusts or certification, to achieve conservation goals?
  • Nature, Wealth and Society - Planning for Success: How do we prepare a simple benefit/cost analysis of projects? How do we evaluate projects and programs to measure and enhance their success?

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