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Microlens Arrays: Properties and Applications (SC008)


Microlens arrays provide a flexible and powerful technique for solving a variety of optical design problems. This course will provide an introduction to the types of microlens arrays currently available and their optical characteristics. Topics include optical properties of arrays, fabrication techniques, and applications to coherent and incoherent imaging systems.

This course will enable you to:

  • describe the fabrication of microlenses and microlens arrays
  • compare different microlens array types and select the optimum
  • analyze the unique properties of optical arrays
  • apply microlens arrays to optical systems, including diode laser and detector arrays, scanners, imaging systems, light concentrators, and beam formers
  • compare a microlens array design with a conventional one.

This course will be useful to engineers, technical managers, and students involved in optical system design and specification. Elementary principles requiring minimal optics experience will be covered along with several more advanced topics.

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