Northwest Environmental Training Center (NWETC)

- Collecting and Handling of Water Samples for Trace Metal Analysis


This course is designed for anyone collecting ambient water samples for the analysis of low-level total and dissolved mercury and other trace metals, as well as various metals species (including methylmercury and inorganic arsenic species). This one-day course will include a half-day in a classroom with lectures covering the circumstances in which low-level detection limits would be desired or required, EPA analytical methods that must be used, proper handling and preservation of samples, necessary sampling supplies, considerations that should be made prior to and during sampling activities in order to collect samples correctly and avoid contamination, various sampling and field-filtration techniques, and field quality assurance sample collection requirements.* The second half of the day, students will engage in hands-on field exercises, where they will be given the opportunity to practice several surface water sampling protocols using various sample collection methods and following the “Clean Hands/Dirty Hands sampling techniques. Time permitting, sample collection techniques and recommendations for additional sample matrices may be discussed that are specific to the student’s needs and area of interest. See the “Course Topics” area below for topic list.

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