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OMA-3 Training Course for Auditing of Monitoring Teams & CEMS


The Auditing Training Course; The training course is focused to provide tailored instruction in the auditing of outside contractors or in-house teams where they are providing data for legislative compliance. Operators falling under PPC Permitting and the OMA-3 Scheme must carry out periodic auditing of stack-emission monitoring activities.

The course is ideally a 2 day course covering the requirements of the Standard Methods being applied at your site and identifying the key components and activities which require calibration and control. The course will provide sufficient detail to identify where more information is required from contractors and allow auditing of reports and basic calculations to confirm the validity of data obtained on site and the subsequent lepo'tng of that data.

This is very much a practical course it will involve looking at example equipment, reviewing how it works and providing a review of the information required to conduct a test by a contractor. The course will look at the application of the equipment to the actual site, it will provide insight into:

En1948 Pt 1 Sampling Train for Dioxin/Furan Measurements

  • The Methods
  • Standards
  • Site Specific Protocols
  • Health & Safety Requirements
  • Calibration of Equipment
  • Data collection
  • Manipulation of that data
  • Reporting
  • Quality Assurance and Uncertainty Calculations

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