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Preventing Workplace Violence Training



More than 1.8 million work days and $55 million in wages are lost every year due to workplace violence, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Although workplace violence might seem to happen at random, there are often patterns and warning signs that indicate when violent reactions are imminent. In this online program, taught by Fair Measures attorney-trainers, managers will learn about the causes and warning signs of violence in the workplace, how to recognize patterns and take preventive measures to prevent workplace violence, responses to violent or threatening behavior at work, and the employer’s legal duty to provide a safe workplace.

Who should attend: Managers, supervisors, leads.

Participants will learn:

  • The legal requirements for a safe workplace
  • The warning signs of violence
  • How to identify threats
  • What to do when violence happens including active shooter scenario
  • What responses to avoid
  • Manager’s role in preventing violence
  • Your company policies forbidding violence and procedures for reporting incidents

Format: This program is taught on the web by attorney-trainers. It is highly interactive using videos, polls and scenarios to ensure learning and practical application. We feature actual case studies that demonstrate the complexities of these issues and we show model policy and procedures to prevent workplace violence.

Length: 1 Hour

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