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co2balance have been working with carbon offsets since 2003 and have a string of highly acclaimed projects to their name. The projects have all been designed to meet the highest standards set by the Gold Standard, the leading carbon reduction standard which compels developers to show significant social and community benefit together with a verifiable carbon reduction.

Experience in developing and delivering a project to these standards takes time to acquire, especially if you are in the vanguard of what is essentially a new industry. So it may seem an unusual step for co2balance to open its doors to other potentially competing organisations and share its experiences by running a training course. However the ethos of co2balance is to make a difference in poor communities and to help relieve some of the effects of climate change. This is a huge issue and there is plenty of room for well run projects.

The course is essentially an overview of the processes required to deliver a Gold Standard project from the conceptual stage to a registered project. This gives would give project developers a fast start in the process of delivering a Gold Standard carbon reduction project without having to try and figure it out along the way. The first course of its kind available in the UK, this is delivered by co2balance projects development staff, the people who have actually succeeded on the ground. For more details of the course syllabus or to discuss you training requirements please contact us directly.

The Gold Standard Foundation is a Swiss based, non-profit organization providing certification of premium quality carbon credits in both the voluntary and compliance markets. The thorough and extensive methodology and approval process of the Gold Standard is designed to certify the highest quality energy efficient and renewable energy carbon reduction projects. All Gold Standard certified projects demonstrate real and permanent GHG emissions and sustainable development for the local communities that are measured, reported and verified.

Certification is not awarded easily. It requires a project to submit substantial quantitative and qualitative research as well as to verify carbon savings and sustainability claims by an outside third party. In addition, each project commits to long term follow through and continued evaluation. Therefore, “Gold Standard certified” implies the most rigorous review of VER credits available on the market. Its VER registry is characterized by transparency and equality of access for all market participants.
The Gold Standard quality benchmark is derived from the actions of the Kyoto Protocol and its methodology is currently endorsed by over 70 non-governmental environmental and development organizations worldwide. The backing of this wide variety of supporters boosts the integrity of the Gold Standard and allows its credits to be sold at a premium price.

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