Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE)

- Wetland Construction: Principles, Planning and Design

This class serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of functional design and provides the means to rapidly assess the distribution of hydrology on your site and create useable hydrographs for presentation of your wetland design. This course will also guide you through the many factors required to plan and design a functional wetland. Through classroom lessons and field training at a constructed wetland complex, learn 'real world' applications with an emphasis on two key components that drive success: DDT (depth, duration & timing) of site hydrology and the landscape position. Topics: Hydrogeomorphology: The importance of landscape position and where water is coming from Water Budget Calculation: Water inputs/outputs and TR-55 runoff curves The Thornthwaite Method: One method for calculating evapotranspiration Estimating Stream Flow and Producing Basic Hydrographs: Create useable hydrographs for presentation of your wetland design