Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE)

Rutgers Vegetation Identification for Wetland Delineation Training (September 20-21, 2012)

Plants are the most obvious clues to wetland boundaries. This two-day combination classroom and field course will teach you how to quickly and confidently identify plant species that are important in determining if an area meets the hydrophytic vegetation criterion for wetland delineation, focusing on ID characteristics. Learn basic plant ID groups, basic plant morphology and some basic botanical terminology. This is a field-based course, so please dress accordingly for the outdoors.

Featured Topics -Introduction to Plant Identification and Wetland Plant Indicator Statuses -Use of keys in the field -Plant Names, Plant Groups, General Plant Morphology -Basic Botanical Terminology -Woody Plant Morphology -Grass Morphology -Sedge/Rush Morphology