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SafeLane Global provides detection and patrol dog teams and related services, including comprehensive canine training programmes, to private clients and government agencies internationally. All company canine teams are trained using positive reinforcement, and in accordance with both the US Military Working Dog Program (AR 190-12) and UN EDD Quality Standards. SafeLane Global's training methods lead the way, and set the standards others follow.

All SafeLane Global’s courses are delivered by industry experts, including highly decorated veterans. 

Its canine trainers translate their unrivalled experience and wealth of knowledge working with dogs in the UK and overseas – including in some of the most dangerous countries in the world – into the most relevant and effective programmes for clients.

Canine training:

The company’s dedicated training facilities train dogs to detect:

  • Explosives (e.g., powder, residue, TNT),
  • Small arms and ammunition,
  • Human remains,
  • Mines,
  • Stowaways and intruders.

In addition, it trains patrol dogs for perimeter searches, and cross train canines to provide, for example, patrol and explosive or narcotic detection.  

The company also cross-trains experienced handlers, and supports them post-pairing with new canines. SafeLane Global offers refresher training to handlers and dogs to ensure deployed canine teams meet its standard operating procedures (SOPs).  

Furthermore, it offers full accreditation training with all processes in line with project and client standards.

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