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  • SafeLane - EOD and IED Training

    SafeLane - EOD and IED Training

    SafeLane Global develops and delivers relevant, effective and comprehensive explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised explosive device defeat (IEDD) training programmes for its clients - including military and government bodies internationally. It understands, from its live and ongoing first hand experience working to counter such threats, that an holistic and integrated approach is required for training to be most effective in reducing and...

  • SafeLane - Medical Training

    SafeLane - Medical Training

    SafeLane Global designs and delivers medical and first aid training adapted to hostile and war zone environments where equipment and personnel are limited. The hands-on training programmes explain, demonstrate and reinforce the differences between battlefield first aid and civilian pre-hospital trauma care, and arm participants with critical skills and confidence to deal with complex medical emergencies in high stress environments.

  • SafeLane - Canine Training

    SafeLane - Canine Training

    SafeLane Global provides detection and patrol dog teams and related services, including comprehensive canine training programmes, to private clients and government agencies internationally. All company canine teams are trained using positive reinforcement, and in accordance with both the US Military Working Dog Program (AR 190-12) and UN EDD Quality Standards. SafeLane Global's training methods lead the way, and set the standards others follow.