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Spills & Skills, Non-Emergency HazMat Spill Response Training


This 18 minute video training kit is designed to help train non-HAZWOPER employees on dealing with a hazardous material (or hazardous waste) spill, leak or release. What to do if you discover a hazmat release? How to determine if the release requires HAZWOPER-trained responders or not? If it is a hazmat emergency release (HAZWOPER event), what to do then? If it is non-HAZWOPER (an 'incidental release'), the discreet steps involved to clean it up. The 'step-across' test. PPE needed. The clean-up supplies and equipment you should expect to find in the spill locker. Different styles of absorbent (loose, pads, pillows, socks) and how to use each. How to use all the equipment and supplies safely and effectively. How to manage the clean-up wastes. Post-clean-up measures.

  • DVD, CD-ROM or video: 'Spills & Skills, Non-Emergency HazMat Spill Response' (18½ min.)
  • Trainer's Guide
  • Employee quiz
  • SiteCast, PowerPoint template for site-specific training
  • Spill Locker Poster, summary of spill response procedures and spill locker inventory list

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