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Technology Experts Training Center has an official approval from the National Regulatory Authority, (The General Corporation for Technical Education & Vocational Training) in Riyadh. The center works and cooperates with many specialized scientific institutions to transfer and acquire technology and to offer technical and scientific solutions to beneficiaries with competitive prices in different specializations which include: consultation, studies , and research in the fields of water well logging and geophysical surveying services, removal of radiation contamination from drinking water, radiation protection, design, development, maintenance, and operation of water treatment plants, laboratory radiation and chemical analysis for environmental and food samples, and the safe transport of radioactive materials.

Aims of the Center:
The main aim of Technology Experts Training Center is to offer advanced technical and professional training courses to raise and promote technical and scientific capabilities of workers and employees in Governmental Institutions and private industrial and service companies. Through the preparation of advanced training courses that meets their needs TEC also recommends to its clients suitable training programs to promote skills and capabilities of their workers. The center is flexible to arrange such training courses on site according to the desire of the beneficiaries.

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