As a leader in the development and application of GHG standards and protocols (ISO 14064 GHG Standards, WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocols) for quantification, validation and verification, and in response to the growing demand for highly technical GHG training, the staff at ClimateCHECK started delivering training courses in 2005.

In 2007, ClimateCHECK co-founded the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute with the GHG Experts Network, and in partnership with the World Resources Institute, the Carbon Disclosure Project and Govida eLearning. The Institute is a non-profit organization delivering training and education over the internet to individuals and organizations around the world in order “to train and develop a community of experts with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring, accounting, and managing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Institute’s e-learning format allows global access to courses developed and instructed by some of the world's leading experts. The courses are competitively priced and financial assistance is available for non-profits and learners from developing countries.

The Institute is currently offering the following courses:

  • Entity-level GHG inventory Accounting (by WRI GHG Protocol Team)
  • Project-level Accounting (by ClimateCHECK)
  • Carbon Disclosure Project guidance (by ClimateCHECK)
  • GHG Information Management Systems (by ClimateCHECK)
  • GHG Verification (by ClimateCHECK)
  • Forestry Projects (by GHG Offset Services)
  • Coal Mine Methane Projects (by Raven Ridge Resources)
  • Landfill Gas Projects (by SCS Engineers)
  • Energy Efficiency (by Environmental Interface)
  • CDM/JI (by Climate Solutions)

The Institute offers training certificates and professional programs. General certificates include:

  • Participation (completed course)
  • Proficiency (completed exam)
  • Level 1 –Certificate of Training (GHG accounting)
  • Level 2 Program (GHG accounting)
  • GHG Verification Program
  • Climate Change for Business Professionals Program
  • GHG Project Management Program

In addition to the online e-learning courses, the Institute also provides customized webinars and onsite workshops to meet the needs of specific clients.

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