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Training of Waterworks Personnel


Training of waterworks personnel has always been an important part of SETEC's activities. This task is included in most project. Our training is closely related to the practical requirements of operation and maintenance activities. It includes teaching staff to operate equipment such as measurement instruments, hardware and software, tools and machinery which is necessary for the operation of water distribution networks, for leak and pipe detection campaigns as well as for repair and expansion works. Procedures and techniques are adjusted to the client's specific situation and requirements. Our experienced trainers involve the trainees actively in every training session. After termination of the training program trainees are able to carry out crucial activities without any further assistance.

Organisation of our Training Programs
According to our experience, 'training on the job' is the most successful way to transfer technical know how. After a short period of theoretical instructions, small groups of trainees begin directly with field or office work under supervision of an experienced trainer. This allows trainees to acquire operational skills and specific techniques by using instruments right on the spot.

For better understanding of the subject, training is supported by modern media (i.e. video films or overhead projection). In all cases, trainees receive manuals.

Apart from specific training projects, most of the consulting or rehabilitation projects carried out by SETEC include training for waterworks staff. This is to guarantee the sustainability of our projects; the project activities shall continue to be carried out successfully after the end of SETEC´s involvement.

Training Components
According to requirements and training needs, the client can choose from the following components of the training program:

  • Network maintenance and operation
  • Pipeline installation and repair
  • Pressure measurements with mechanical or electronic pressure recorders
  • Flow measurements with portable ultra sonic flow meters
  • Leak detection with leak noise correlators and electronic sounding devices
  • Pipe location with ferromagnetic location instruments
  • Meter reading and billing
  • Water loss analysis with specially equipped measurement vans
  • Design of rehabilitation and extension measures
  • Electronic data processing (mapping with computer aided design, network information systems, network modelling)
  • Preparation and implementation of standard water codes and public relations campaigns
  • Waterworks' organisation and institutional strengthening
  • World Water Save training programmes

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