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Vibration ISO CAT IV Hybrid Course



You are qualified to lead condition monitoring teams and will have a deep understanding of machine dynamics and failure modes.  With your knowledge and qualifications you are able to design tests to solve difficult problems and identify underlying issues to prevent reoccurrence.  There are no rotating machines problems too difficult to solve.  You will carry the highest regard in the field of machine condition monitoring.  But be warned; everyone will be seeking your assessment of their machine problems!

Mobius Institute's MASTER Vibration Analyst course teaches you advanced measurement signal processing techniques, torsional vibration and cross-channel measurements, dynamics including mass/stiffness/damping and natural frequencies, modal analysis and operating deflection shapes, orbit and centerline analysis, rotor dynamics, correction techniques including isolation, damping, and tuned absorbers, and other advanced topics.

In accordance with International Organization for Standardization (, ISO 18436-2 standard, the course requires a minimum of 64 hours of training, which normally takes two or three separate classes with all the attendant time and travel expenses.

The content of the entire Category IV course can be viewed over the Internet on video. All of the topics covered in the required 64 hours of training as specified in ISO 18436.2 are taught in videos using our famous 3D animations and software simulations. These lessons are taught by the founder of Mobius Institute, Jason Tranter, and one of the most respected people in the vibration community; Bob Eisenmann.

While you watch the videos you can also attempt the “worked examples”. These questions are practical in nature and are designed to not only test your knowledge and understanding, but also provide a way for you to test whether you are likely to be able to successfully complete the Category IV exam. You can take the lessons via video is many times as you like. You will see and hear the animations and simulations which make everything easier to understand. And you will hear Bob Eisenmann’s case studies where the theory is put into practice.

Following the online learning component of the course, you will attend a four-day public classroom course component to combine education, review and question practice. Attendees will learn, and attendees will be tested. The sessions will be very interactive with ample opportunity to ask questions. As we review the topics covered in the on-line videos we will also challenge you with exam standard practical questions. On the fifth day of the classroom portion of the course, you will be offered the optional Category IV certification exam.

Topics Covered

  • Advanced signal processing
  • Cross channel measurements
  • Dynamics (mass/stiffness/damping, natural frequencies, modes)
  • Resonance testing (run-up/coast down tests, impact tests, ODS, modal analysis)
  • Corrective action (flow control, resonance correction, isolation and damping)
  • Proximity probe and casing measurements
  • Orbit and centerline plot analysis
  • Rotor dynamics (natural frequencies, modelling)
  • Journal bearings (design, fluid film instabilities)
  • Flexible rotor balancing
  • Torsional vibration

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