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Waveform Analysis Three Day Course



Time waveform analysis is a powerful condition monitoring tool yet it is often misunderstood and as a result, underutilized. It is an essential skill for experienced vibration analysts. You will learn the relationship between the FFT spectrum and the time waveform and how different fault conditions can be diagnosed that would be missed using only FFT spectra, such as gearbox tooth faults, bearing faults, flow related faults, impacts and rubs. You will learn how the type and severity of the fault changes the signal shape in both amplitude and frequency. You will also learn how to set up your instruments for data collection, signal processing, alarms and special tests.

The Time Waveform Analysis (TWA) class is three days of instruction in the use of TWA to correctly diagnose machine faults that are difficult or impossible to detect and diagnose using FFT spectrum analysis. Attendees should be experienced in the use of data collection, FFT analysis, vibration instrumentation and software. Attendees will learn in a hands-on type of class how to set up and collect the time waveform correctly, how to analyze the data and determine machine faults and severity. Attendees will also compete in teams on case histories with actual data to practice their new skills and cement the knowledge they have gained during the class.

The listening
This uniquely effective three-day class is a combination of listening and doing with one common goal – enabling you to achieve a thorough and lasting understanding of all aspects of the time waveform (TW) from theory through application. The listening – which takes up about 40% of the three-day class time – comes in Mobius’ familiar form of highly animated instructional modules that cover a variety of TW-related subjects ranging from the underlying principles (signal shapes and processing) to TW setup to analysis of the TW. The Mobius simulators will make complex signal processing, data acquisition and analysis topics easy to understand. You will be challenged with hands-on (and brains-on) exercises with real case history data to apply your new knowledge and build skills and confidence.

The highly-energized, lab exercises
In the second part of the class, you will be part of a three-person team. We will provide computers and software with the analytical tools like what you have at your work. You will be presented with real data from real case studies where real faults await your real diagnosis. You will need to think creatively to understand what the data is telling you and correctly diagnose the machine fault. To make things more interesting, your team will be pitted against the other teams in a spirited competition to correctly identify the machine fault and do it as efficiently (i.e. cheaply) as possible. The result is a highly effective learning environment and experience you’ll never forget.

TWA Course - Candidate Profile:

  • You have at least two years of vibration analysis experience
  • You want to be a more capable and confident vibration analyst
  • You want to become more proficient at analyzing time waveform data
  • You want to fully understand auto-correlation, circle plots and time synchronous averaging
  •  You want actual experience properly setting up and analyzing time waveform data
  •  You want to test your knowledge through analysis and diagnosis of real machine data and faults

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