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ATEX Explosion Hazards Ltd.

Explosion Suppression Animation Video

If you cannot Contain, Vent or inert an explosive atmosphere, then Suppression is normally applied to mitirate the effects of the flame growing inside the protected plant or propagating to other volumes. This is effectively a Fast Fire Extinguishing system. As an active system it has 2 Pressure transducers (double knock) to pick up the pressure wave from the growing fire ball. This stores the event in the black box sensor head and sends a signal back to the Control panel which if armed, fires the appropriate bottles on the proteced vessel and normally the dirty inlet pipe(s) and some time the outlet pipe(s).

Explosion Hazards Limited, with 40 years of experience in explosion protection, is part of the ATEX multinational group that form's the first total process fire and explosion protection source, providing integrated survey, design and engineering solutions for your safety requirements.

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