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Algae control solutions in ponds and lakes for Aquaculture sector - Agriculture - Aquaculture

For aquaculture QM Environmental Services offers several microbial formulations plus oxygen infusing systems that can be applied for algae control in ponds and lakes or for intensive fish breeding.

MICROCAT-AL Bioformula for Pond and Lake Treatment: Reduces micro algae in ponds and lakes.

MICROCAT-ALN Bioformula for Pond and Lake Treatment: Reduces stringy solids in ponds and lakes.

MICROCAT-XNL/XNC Ammonia Oxidizing Bioformula: Nitrification (conversion of ammonia to nitrate) in all biological systems. (XNC is a refrigerated concentrate.)

RezOx gPRO LP6/50/75/100: The RezOX gPRO LP Waterbody Oxygenation system is unique in its ability to transfer and maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen in ponds and other water bodies while removing nitrogen and other dissolved gases harmful to the pond ecosystem.

  • LP6: 27 kg O2/day / 1000 – 19000 m3 water oxygenated/day
  • LP50: 1,13 kg O2/day
  • LP75: 0,93 kg O2/day
  • LP100: 2,7 kg O2/day