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Coriolis Air Sampler for Biomedical & Health - Health Care

Coriolis air sampler collects biological particles in the air for biocontamination control in a biomedical and health environment

Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, are concerned by contamination air control, due in particular to the presence of sensitive patients in these environments (immuno-compromised people, for example) and especially for special units that need particular care in terms of indoor air quality (bone marrow units, neonatal intensive care units, burn units, operating theatres, and so on).

Hospitals have to be very cautious to prevent infections from spreading. The renovation of aging hospitals increases the risk of airborne fungal and other infections. Infections such as aspergillosis, zygomycosis and fusariosis can occur in this environment and concern mainly immuno-compromised people. The Coriolis µ air sampler helps healthcare establishments prevent and control these nosocomial infections by providing a faster response than the impaction method.