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Determination of benzene in gasoline - Oil, Gas & Refineries


Benzene is formed in gasoline in the process of oil refining and gasoline production. Determination of benzene in gasoline is an important task, because ben zene and its products reacting with the products of incomplete combustion of gasoline are highly toxic. Moreover, the presence of benzene increases fouling that eventually may damage the engine . Therefore, regulations impose lim it on the content of benzene in gasoline in many countries, and international standards exist to come up to this requirement.

The infrared spectroscopic methods provide monitoring of benzene in gasoline, as benzene has distinct absorption peaks in the IR spectral region.

The ex isting methods ensure determination of the benzene content in the range 0.1 vol.% to 5 vol.% . Basing on the obtained results of analysis, one can pr omptly respond to the deviations of the quality parameters of gasoline during the production process, which ensures high quality of the gasoline and optimize production costs.

A sealed liquid cell is filled with the analysed sample and is installed in the cell compartment of an InfraLUM FT-08 FTIR spectrometer. Infrared spectrum of the sample is recorded in a range of 690–440 cm -1 , with resolution of 2 cm -1 and scanning time of 60 s.