Pentek Inc.

Dustless Lead Paint Removal & Nuclear Decon Tools for Marine Industry - Mining

When ships, submarines and port facilities exposed to the corrosive marine environment need to be repainted, get to clean steel quickly and safely without any messy cleanup using our shrouded power tools! Old paint is removed and packaged in one step using our powerful VAC-PAC HEPA vacuum and deposited directly into 55-gallon drums, safely sealed and ready for transport and disposal when full. No costly containment is required for hazardous jobs, because dust is captured at the surface, before it’s emitted.

Pentek, Inc. supplied several multi-tool VAC-PAC® systems to Northrop Grumman Corporation as part of the $453.3 million maintenance program on the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). Work took place at the Northrop’s shipbuilding sector in Newport News, Va. These systems used Pentek’s vacuum extension manifolds to accommodate the long run from the top of the dock to the tanks being remediated.