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Electronic pressure measurement devices for Environmental, water, sewage water and recycling - Environmental

The acquisition of fill and gauge height is a central requirement in this field. BD|SENSORS here deploys the highly reliable method of hydrostatic fill level measurement. In practice this is implemented in different variations -  be it in the form of level probes for surface and ground water applications, submersible probes for wastewater treatment plants and storm water overflow tanks, or down to fill level probes for tank farms and in container construction. In addition to probes of any imaginable type required for water processing, we also offer solutions designed for aggressive media such as acids and lyes.

Pressure and level transmitter from BD|SENSORS meet these requirements thanks to the use of specially selected sensors, robust housing materials (PP, PVC, PVDF, stainless steel etc.), seal materials and cable materials. With our wealth of experience in the field of environmental engineering and our highly qualified workforce, we are able to provide exactly the right solutions for our customers. The service team in our Technical Sales department can offer you comprehensive advice and assistance when selecting a suitable device for your particular measuring needs.

The separable submersible probes LMP 308 / LMP 808 / LMK 358 / LMK 858 are a speciality, the cable part can be separated from the sensor head effortlessly and without tools. This is an enormous advantage for many of our customers during assembly as well as when performing service and maintenance.

Special versions, such as integrated overvoltage protection, temperature sensor or data logger are just as much a part of our standard program as the communication version with RS-485 interface or HART®-protocol.

  • drinking water abstraction
  • ground water monitoring
  • storm water reservoir
  • depth or level measurement in wells
  • waste water treatment
  • pumps stations