Duroair Technologies Inc.

Engineered clean air solutions for aerospace & aviation applications - Aerospace & Air Transport

Aerospace and aviation machining, welding, metal finishing, coating, and painting processes are complex and messy, often requiring clean rooms with precise temperature and humidity controls, as well as the need to isolate and capture contaminants via positive or negative pressure. But, expensive permanent enclosures aren’t efficient for alternating between short-term production projects and long-term constructions. What if you had a flexible clean air alternative that you could quickly deploy for existing manufacturing cells as needed?

Ready to deploy when and where needed, Duroair modular enclosures and industrial air filtration for aerospace and aviation can be engineered to move with your cellular workflows.

Our retractable clean rooms with vented and non-vented air filtration systems are customizable to work with your unique production requirements.

Aerospace and aviation clean air solutions include:

  • Hexavalent chromium containment and capture during sanding, coating, and painting operations
  • Negative and positive pressure anterooms to accompany cleanrooms and enclosures for painting and coating operations
  • Modular multi-process clean rooms with precise temperature and humidity controls that can be easily moved between locations and stored when not in use
  • Dust collection systems to effectively capture all particulates
  • Oil mist containment and ambient air quality systems to capture oil mist particles before they settle on valuable machinery and electronics