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Engineered clean air solutions for military & defense applications - Defense

Between manufacturing, MRO, and prototyping R&D, you don’t have time to rearrange your entire facility with the dedicated space and ductwork to shield your employees from airborne hexavalent chromium and VOCs generated during sanding and painting operations. What if you could defend against these air hazards with a portable clean air solution that moves with your manufacturing changeovers and alternating finishing and coating tasks? Duroair’s custom-engineered indoor air filtration systems do just that.

Duroair modular industrial air filtration systems for military and defense brings clean air to each rapid-moving manufacturing operation. With a retractable DuroRoom™ and vented or non-vented air filtration, each system can be engineered to accommodate large components for jets, MRAPs, or submarines, creating a cost-effective alternative to conventional systems.

Military and defense OEM clean air solutions include:

  • Repair and refinishing booths with our patented DuroCap™, with Taper Daft Airflow technology that captures 99.4% of toxic dust from sanding and grinding tasks, often generated while working on paint from MRAPs
  • Climate-controlled painting and coating rooms in portable, retractable enclosures with DuroPure™ non-vented air filtration that easily move with temporary grinding, painting, or sanding assignments and collect 100 percent of hexavalent chromium contaminants
  • Prototyping clean air booths with retractable enclosures for overhead crane access and non-vented air filtration for self-contained security
  • Special anterooms with HEPA filtration designed to contain, capture, and collect particulates as operators move from inside a retractable enclosure to the general shop environment
  • Down draft worktables engineered to capture and collect contaminates generated while prepping, sanding, grinding, or cutting