Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Flow meters for steam measurement solutions - Air and Climate

As an innovative steam flow meter manufacturer, Sierra’s InnovaMass brand was the first multivariable mass vortex flow meter to launch to market in the late 1990s. Today our flow meter steam technology is successfully used across numerous applications. Sierra`s multivariable product line features an in-line version, the InnovaMass 240 vortex flow meter; a unique immersible version, the InnovaMass 241; and the InnovaMass cryogenic version.

Capable of measuring the mass flow rate of any gas or liquid, both the 240 and 241 are also the perfect flow meters for steam, whether saturated or superheated. As top steam flow meter suppliers, Sierra’s multivariable technology allows one instrument and one process connection to measure FIVE process parameters at the same time to simultaneously measure mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate, and fluid density.

The InnovaMass cryogenic flow meter has undergone extensive testing and field validation over the last several years proving that the meter is preferred versus traditional turbine meters for measuring mass flow rates of cryogenic fluids down to -328°F (-200°C).

Our family of multivariable mass vortex steam flow meters are specifically designed for precision measurement of a broad variety of steam applications.