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Gas analyzers and monitoring systems for Carbon capture & storage (CCS) - Air and Climate

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an emerging method of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of power plants. In a process called ‘scrubbing’, the carbon dioxide emissions can be absorbed into chemical solvents consisting of amines or carbonates. Scrubbing is a well-established method of carbon capture, with virtually every commercial CO2 capture plant in operation using this process. In the process, the first step is the removal of impurities from the flue gas, such as hydrocarbons and oxides of both nitrogen and sulfur (NOx and SOx). Next, the purified gas is passed through an absorption column filled with the chemical scrubbing solvent. The solvent reacts with the carbon dioxide and selectively absorbs it from the gas stream. When CO2-rich solvent is heated, the carbon dioxide is released as a nearly pure gas.

Gasmet™ FTIR Gas Analyzers can be used to monitor gas composition in various stages of the carbon capture and storage process. Our Continuous Emissions Monitoring System II (CEMS II) is a hot-and-wet extractive measurement system designed for a fixed installation. The system is capable of monitoring at up to eight (8) sampling locations if the optional Multipoint Sampling System is installed. The hot-and-wet sampling retains ammonia and amines as well as other water soluble flue gas components, such as sulfur dioxide SO2, hydrogen chloride HCl, hydrogen fluoride HF, and formaldehyde CHOH. The gas analyzer’s rugged gold-coated optics withstand corrosive gases even in high concentrations. The power of the FTIR technology also enables the detection of any possibly unknown gas components, such as solvent decomposition products.