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Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) for Construction and Infrastructure - Construction & Construction Materials

In construction and infrastructure field GPR application makes it possible to have the most detailed topography of undergrounding. GPRs help to discover ground water location, old underground passages and cavities remains and karst layers.

The maintenance of city underground structure demands huge budgets and labor expenditures.

The municipal authorities face with two main problems ? running costs and the access to the underground communication lines. The serious breakdowns often lead to big traffic jams and that therefore leads to considerable economical losses.

Using hi-tech equipments (GPR in particular), helps to accurately locate the pipeline damage place, to find hidden communication lines. That allows to optimize the infrastructure maintenance budget of municipal services and to prevent in a short term any possible disastrous effects of the damage. 

Speed of assessment, accuracy in finding pipes and cables, very little costs for service and searching works, and non-invasive measurement - are the main advantages of using VIY3 GPRs.

Another very important application for VIY3 GPR is a preparation for building works and non-invasive assessment of concrete structures. With the help of GPR you can find any heterogeneity and cavity in ferroconcrete walls, foundation, piles, supports etc. You can locate reinforcement and inner communication lines in the walls, to measure a thickness of ferroconcrete structures, and to find the areas in the building or foundation with waterproofing broken.