Hydrocyclones for sewage & waste water treatment applications - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

FLSmidth Krebs Hydrocyclones and Close Packed Cyclones provide a more efficient and less expensive option to remove grit, sand, and other solids from sewage/water than gravity sedimentation systems.

Krebs hydrocyclones are used extensively in sewage treatment plants to remove grit, sand and other inorganic solids from the primary clarifier or grit chamber underflow. Hydrocyclones are more efficient and cost less than gravity sedimentation systems.  Debris such as bottle caps, plastic bottles, metal fragments, wood slivers, and other inorganic objects found in the raw sewage cause abrasive wear on process equipment and settle out in the digester. Debris can lead to shutting down operations.

Krebs CycloClean systems, are comprised of liquid – liquid hydrocyclones, which provide oily water treatment. The design of Krebs cyclone produces a finer separation while decreasing wear. This technology reduces maintenance costs, lowers maintenance downtime, and increases downstream equipment life.