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Hydroxyl generator for hospitality & travel - Travel & Leisure

Titan Hydroxyl Generator systems will greatly affect sales, returning customers, and staff efficiency. Research has proven that by improving the indoor air quality in any hospitality location there is an increase in revenue due to more foot traffic from having a very comfortable atmosphere.

Titan Hydroxyl Systems utilize super green technology for quick permanent solutions to fight against poor indoor air quality. Titan Technology is designed to eradicate bacteria, mold, virus, VOCs, chemical off gassing, and harsh organic odors. This technology has helped many chemically sensitive and medically compromised people. Titan Hydroxyl Generators create very high amounts of Hydroxyl Radicals and Hydro Peroxides. There are no chemical or residual compounds created do to the True Green Technology of Titan. When using a Titan Hydroxyl Generator, the machine naturally uses humidity or (H 2 0) in the air for Hydroxyl Radical production. By lowering the humidity in the environment this creates a fresh, comfortable atmosphere that also lowers energy costs associated with Air Conditioning. Hospitality is a very unique challenge. When dealing with hospitality, many issues can arise due to many people, plants, and foods being in a confined location.

One of the greatest issues in hospitality air-quality is keeping viruses at bay. Titan Hydroxyl Technology goes airborne and eradicates the flue, colds, and many other airborne transmittable viruses. Many times, in hospitality a building is designed for a maximum number of occupants but the ventilation system is not designed for the same amount. This causes severe issues with ventilation and can greatly increase the chances of airborne pathogens being transmitted in the premises. This can commonly be found in bars, casinos, as well as large hotels.

While a person will more frequently be in contact with many people in these confined locations, this greatly increases the risk of transmission of viruses such as the flu and colds. Air quality issues also include cooking, smoking of cigarettes and cigars containing nicotine, off gassing of materials like new carpet and paint as well as other issues, do to pests like birds, insects and small rodents. These factors can increase the pollutants and dramatically affect the air quality of any hospitality environment. Titan Hydroxyl Systems are the answer to all of these issues.