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Independent particle characterization services for abrasives industries - Manufacturing, Other

Serving the abrasive industry over the last 2 decades, the most common testing performed for this field is particle size and shape analysis. The world of abrasives can encompass a host of varying materials from diamond dust, silicon and tungsten carbide, fused silica and quartz, to polished glass and medical abrasives. particle_size_of_abrasives With sizing instrumentation capable of measuring from a few nanometers up to 2000 microns and classic techniques such as sieving for even larger sizes, PTL has the expertise and equipment capable to measure any abrasive type and size. Particle size distribution analyses on abrasives provide valuable insight to engineers in several areas. For example, attrition products from classified spent abrasives can often be seen as a shift to smaller particle sizes.

Particle shape analysis is also available, which is a powerful technique, providing additional information in tandem with a particle size distribution. Information on a change in shape can provide an indication of a loss in abrasive efficiency as an abrasive is recycled. The additional parameters provided by image analysis can also provide further insight into important properties which can impact effectiveness, flowability, processing differences and material handling issues. Results are available on numerous shape and size parameters; such as Aspect Ratio, Sphericity/Roundness, Solidity, Convexity, and Circular Area Diameter….along with numerous others.