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Industrial wastewater solutions for spent release agents from die-casting - Manufacturing, Other

Die-casting: Low-cost treatment of spent release agents instead of disposal. Release agents are essential aids in preventing production disruptions and ensuring the quality of the produced parts in die-casting processes. These used agents, which are emulsified in the operational effluent from the foundry, cannot be discharged into the public sewer system. They are specialised companies usually disposed of expensively by specialized waste management companies, together with other operational effluents.

Internal treatment is an alternative to disposal. Leading die-casters have been using vacuum distillation systems for many years, and this has proven to be the safest and most effective method.

The usually slightly corrosive foundry effluent needs to be neutralised before evaporation. The hydrocarbons contained in it cannot be fully separated using conventional evaporators, meaning the distillate must be re-treated with coalescence separators and/or activated carbon. The pioneering Destcontrol pH regulator and patented Clearcat condensation system have enabled us to integrate these process stages into our trendsetting VACUDEST vacuum evaporator, saving you time and money, and ensuring a consistent distillate quality which reliably uphold any limit value.