CIC Photonics

Integrated real-time gas analysis solution for emissions industry - Air and Climate

Pollutant emissions from industrial smoke stacks are a major national concern due to both health concerns and climate change. As a consequence, there are at least tens of gas analyzer manufacturers in the U.S. alone that compete in that market and have done so for years. What CIC Photonics brings to that competitive field is its expertise derived from its Combustion Efficiency Solution and its high performance IRGAS Systems. The IRGAS-CEM provides real-time and simultaneous measurements of the multitude of toxic combustion products, including CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, CH4, CxHy, H2S, etc. The EP-IRGAS-SPA is also applicable for fast time responses.

The SPGAS software is particularly applicable to emission measurements, since its “weighted-average, multiband, multivariant CLS quantitative analysis” permits the use of multiple non-overlapping absorption peaks to achieve high accuracy concentration measurements.  It also allows for temperature and pressure corrections and the reprocessing of collected data.

Given that many of the emission species are acidic in the presence of moisture also as a combustion product, the range of high energy throughput stainless steel gas cells allows for both high sensitivity measurements and long lifetimes of continuous onsite application.